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A Mental Illness Maintenance Initiative

MiMi is a mental health initiative based on maintaining healthy habits and stability for individuals who live with mental illness.

Along with our blog MiMi has an app focused on maintaining mental health while in college and a guided journal to help start journaling without having to face an blank page.

MiMi App

MiMi has an app based on the structure and stability provided in an inpatient setting. Users are rewarded for checking in daily and maintaining their mental health with daily habits and routines such as setting goals and exercising regularly. Affirmations provide subtle positive reminders all day.

Guided Journal

MiMi has a guided journal with prompts for list making, writing, and drawing that center around mental wellbeing. Each prompt serves a particular mood and can be accomplished in any order. This allows for creative expression with out having to face a blank page.

MiMi Blog

MiMi has a blog about navigating the ups and downs of college with a mental Illness. There are helpful tips and tricks for every aspect of college. Some categories include living on campus, professional relationships, personal relationships, and maintaining your workload.

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